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We are a design to build company specializing in kitchen and baths designs and remodels. We also offer project management services to our clients. We strongly encourage our clients to explore how beneficial our uniquely tailored services would be for their project. As your trusted design professional, it is our role to assist you in finding the optimal solution based on a clear understanding of your goals and priorities. Our flexibility extends beyond finding the right combination of products and services, but also offers the option to fine-tune, as appropriate, each underlying component of your project.

Concierge Design Services – We manage your project from beginning to end. This includes, but is not limited to designing the space, selecting materials, ordering, scheduling & accepting deliveries of products. We coordinate with contractors and have regular visits to the project site to ensure that your project is moving on schedule. It also includes a punch list and final walk to be certain that the project is complete.

We offer: space planning and design, closet design, window treatments and project management.

We also offer our clients a free no-obligation site assessment where we will come out to measure, discuss your project and budget. At that time, we will assess the level of interior design services you will need and tailor our services to your needs.

Here is a list of services that we follow for most projects:

• Site measurement

• Design and space planning

• Material selection

• Ordering materials

• Schedule and coordinate deliveries

• Direct communication and coordination with contractor

• Regular site visits during construction

• Create a Project Binder with detailed specifications and drawings for contractor to follow

We are dedicated to providing remarkable and unique services for every individual client. By incorporating personal touches with eye-catching details, we strive to make each project a memorable and unmatched experience. Our passion, combined with our ability to transform an ordinary room into an extraordinary experience has won over the hearts of each of our clients. With our insight, knowledge, and professionalism we are confident that any project we are a part of will go above and beyond our client’s expectations.

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Meet Olga Sacasa

Olga A. Sacasa, CKD is an Interior Designer and owner of Design Solution Group. For over 22 years, Olga has worked closely with each of her clients to design a living space that represents their unique lifestyle and taste.

Besides designing spaces and selecting the materials for each project, we offer project management services to all their clients. Olga and her partners manage their client’s projects from ideas to design and installation

Her organizational services offer a very detailed description on how to organize and maintain each space. This unique service is tailored to fit each of her client’s needs. Each space is organized combining functionality and beauty to create a practical space.

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